If you want to spend your spare time in the best and the most pleasurable way, then chose the right activity to worth your leisure time. The better thing you chose; the best results you will find regarding enhancing your intellectual ability. So an amazing game is recommended in this regard named “GOLD CLASH MOD APK” , whenever you find yourself frustrated , just acquire the game in your device and start playing it , you will find your life easy in those moments.
Golf Clash is purely interrelated to sports variety and certainly it is one of the best games you can find. Golf clash is an online 3D game; where you can compete with other players around the globe which can engage you well during all your spare hours. It is the most practical game where you can pick your competitors from the real world which will definitely boost your challenging aptitude in real time situations.
This game is totally free to get; you can download it directly from Google play store. If you want to download GOLF CLASH GAME on your pc then you can safely download it through emulator computer software. The game size is not too large so it can be downloaded speedily if you have a good quality connection. You may also download it in a variety of versions as per your choice. Despite the fact that the game is absolutely free but you have to pay for some of its features. Golf clash is one of the largest played team game on I pad & I phones.
Over the play store, GOLF CLASH is in the midst of the most tactical game you will find; it is an individual as well as a squad game. You can build up a team of your own choice that is called CLAN.

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There are always some rules or tips to play a game. And if you follow those certain tips your probability to win the game might also increase. As a player of GOLF CLASH MOD APK, I present to you some of the useful tips that you should follow in order to increase your chances of winning the game. These tips are not necessary to follow. These tips are formed on my personal experience and I want to share with you so that they might help you to increase your winning chances.
Get in the zone
Many people play in their cars, in buses and even while standing in the kitchen and then they complain that they lose. It’s obvious. If you want to win you should be more focused and your whole attention should be on the game. Play in your comfort zone. That’s what it’s all about.
Learn the course
You might be thinking that what does learn the course actually mean? Let me tell you it means that you should learn how to play. Of course many people would know how to play but some don’t know so they should know it before that what ball to use of what club to play in. People play without any clue and then they lose more often than they win. Learn the course and play in the club that suits in and play with the ball that suits. Only that is how you would be able to play more accurately. Be smart!
Aim it in the center!
This is something most people don’t know but the thing which they have to know is that they should try to aim the ball right in the center to make a perfect shot. You may miss the target but you’ll definitely be close to it.
Use your gems wisely
This is something many people have a problem with. They don’t know how to spend their gems wisely. In the beginning of the game you don’t have many gems and many people spend those gems in coin. That is wrong. Spend those gems I buying new balls which will increase you probability to win more games and which in return help you get more gems. So use your gems wisely!

So these were some of the useful tips you should work on while playing the game.


You may have gone through much but yet there is a lot more to know about this game. Everything cannot be told in this one article but I’ll try my best to compile the most of it and convey it to you.
Understanding the tournament levels
Understanding the right tournament level is important here. There are four levels of tournament in the game. That is Rookie, Pro, Expert, and Masters. Your level of tournament depend on the division you are in. for example of you are in Rookie, you can only enter the rookie tournament but on the other hand of you are in expert, pro or master level then you can enter any tournament you want. Each level has different prizes for its players.
Understanding the wind
It is necessary to mention here that how does the wind work in the tournament. Wind works differently in each tournament. The higher the tournament, the speedy the wind is. So it is important to plan beforehand that which club and ball is suitable to play with.
Using the right ball
Using the right ball is surely very important. It is as important as knowing the right club to play in. So it is very important to know which ball to use. Using the special balls early in the tournament will leave you with basic balls in the higher levels of the tournament where special ball will be needed. And using the ball with wrong attributes will not only waste the ball but will also be useless. So chose your ball wisely.

I hope these tips and techniques will surely help you make the game more interesting and to make the more out of it.