Wealth Words Play & Win Money Game: Introduces New Twist


In Wealth Words, the emphasis on the prize money has added a greater impact on the crossworders. With this, players are not the only enthusiast to play but also to complete the puzzles with the right answers to stand in the chance to win the game. The online crossword game has taken the crossword gaming to a whole new level.
Based on the latest feedback from the crossworders across the globe, the Wealth Words team has figured out that the players are loving this concept of free crosswords with a chance of winning real money.
Wealth Words Features:
Play crosswords online(paid, free and open games).
For paid games, you require tokens to play.
For free games, you have to register or sign up.
For open games, you can visit the website and start playing without signing up.
You can purchase tokens to play the game from the Token Packages.
You need to complete the game in 1 hour, however you can pause the game in between.
The results are announced once the crosswords is finished for all.
Pausable gameplay allows you to finish any urgent work you have in between and then continue the action
Story & Poem Puzzle Game
The new introduction of poem and story-based new game has brought a twist in the game. It comes in three different languages: English, Hindi and Chinese. The poem and stories are different in every language. You have to choose the correct answer from three different answers. The winning amount is directly credited to the player’s account with the help of PayPal.

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